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We create handmade, trendy bracelets with a nurse charm. Our pieces are designed with comfort and durability in mind, so you can be confident that they look great and stand the test of time. We look forward to sending you a one-of-a-kind nurses bracelet!

Product Details:
-With your order you will receive a bracelets of your choice.
-Measurements: Nurse cap: 0.51x0.47x0.12 inch. Heart with nurse's cap: 0.79x0.91x0.10 inch. Stethoscope: 0.85x0.53x0.12 inch. Heartbeat: 0.75x1.34x0.08 inch. Rx: 0.59x0.39x0.08 inch.
-Materials: Nylon rope and the charms are made of alloy, non deformable, durable and sturdy, anti rust and hard to break.
-Style: Boho & hippie

Reference Size:
Small Size - 6.5"
Medium Size - 6.75” - 7"
Large Size - 7.5"

All bracelets will come in a reusable burlap organza gift bag that you can use to store little things —perfect gifts to show appreciation and for any occasion.

Package quantity: the package comes with 1 bracelets as shown in picture, ring is optional with additional charges. There are 8 options

As a handmade item, please allow color and size variations.
If you need a different rope color please contact me.
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