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Beautiful design: URINE Good Hands Badge Reel. This fun and creative badge holder is perfect for nurses, laboratory techs and workers, and anyone who appreciates a clever and humorous badge holder. This badge features a humorous message that will make people smile!

Easy to use: the badge reel is retractable and can extend up to 24 inches, these lovely badge reels are suitable for students, office staff, doctors, nurses, nurses assistant and other people who need to wear cards around frequently. This badge can be wear in your scrub, pocket, uniform,jacket, etc. You will receive your badge in a reusable burlap organza gift bag that you can use to store little things —perfect gifts for any occasion.

Package quantity: The package comes with a URINE Good Hands retractable badge holder.

Quality materials: these shiny badge reel are made of quality acrylic, with glitter accent that may vary in every design. The badge is also decorated with colorful beads and are equipped with sturdy stainless steel alligator clips; The ID badge reels are durable and beautiful, lightweight and portable for you to carry around

Care: Acrylics are fragile and may break if they are dropped or knocked against a hard surface, so please be careful when handling the badge.

As a handmade item, please allow color and size variations.
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